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Geoff Dyer on happiness, laziness and his new novel, Paris Trance

Wednesday, Aug 11 1999

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Do critics in England lump you together with any other writers?

Not really, because all the books are so different. Lately I've reinvented myself as a chemical novelist, but when the jazz book came out, I was a jazz writer for a while, then briefly a military historian, then I wrote a Calvino-like novel (The Search), then the Lawrence book . . . What's been most commented on is my unusual tendency to write such different books.

What are you working on right now?

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In November a book comes out in England that's a selection of my journalism from the last 15 years. The range of these essays is really . . . wide-ranging! Photographers, artists, jazz -- it's all over the place. I feel this is a nice expression in miniature of the whole career, really.

PARIS TRANCE: A Romance | By GEOFF DYER | Farrar, Straus & Giroux | 271 pages | $23 hardcover

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