The Poor Man's Polygraph 

Truster finds the fibbers among friends

Wednesday, Jul 7 1999

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"Results produced by the system may be wrong if an unskilled operator performs the test," warns the Truster manual, and it's right. More to the point -- and what the user guide fails to warn against -- is that the operator has to have something he wants to know. "If you have doubts about a certain person," the manual instructs, "Truster can help you confirm your suspicions." I have doubts about everyone, but I don't really want my suspicions confirmed.

What the Truster told me about my friends, relatives and professional contacts was what I already knew: They're occasionally untruthful, exaggerate at times and are often unsure. And I've decided that's okay, because it gives me license to be the same way.

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  • Truster finds the fibbers among friends

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