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1982 Timeline 

Turkish Consul General Kemal Arikan assassinated in Westside by Armenian terrorists;

John Belushi ODs;


First Angelyne image appears, on RTD bus shelters; Gorky’s opens; Weekly publishes April Fools’ parody issue; James Mincey dies following carotid chokehold: “We may be finding that, in some blacks, when it is applied the veins or the arteries do not open as fast they do in normal people” (Daryl Gates in L.A. Times, on carotid chokehold problems);

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Beverly Center opens;

Rockie Horoscope by Rockie Gardiner first appears in L.A. Weekly;


X’s Wild Gift;

Wolfgang Puck opens Spago; Oakland Raiders, now the Los Angeles Raiders, move to Coliseum; Parisian Room jazz club closes;


Hollywood Library on Franklin Avenue burns to ground, is replaced by a Frank O. Gehry building on Ivar Street next door to a bar and striptease club;


Michael Jackson’s Thriller; Casablanca Records founder Neil Bogart dies; Weekly’s first Best of L.A. issue.

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