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Wednesday, Nov 11 1998
Viktor Frankl, the psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor, wrote that each of us has one true freedom: the freedom to decide how we feel about whatever situation we're in. That's it, that's all. "Freedom," marketing term, has come to assert three additionals: the freedom to use "freedom" as an international marketing term; the freedom to stifle the promulgation of other definitions by any means necessary, including advertainment; and the freedom to govern the state of Minnesota based on the teachings of Dick the Bruiser just to make Andy Kaufman laugh uncontrollably in his grave.

upper left: Trailer for the motion picture The Net (http://cnn.com/SHOWBIZ/Movies/TheNet/nettrailer.mov), starring Sandra Bullock. In 1996, some fairly reliable news source (can't recall which) claimed there were more Web sites dedicated to Sandra Bullock than any other celebrity.

upper right: Gorbachev Sells Pizza . "Nothing brings people together like a nice, hot pizza. From Pizza Hut."

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bottom, center: "A Taste of Honey" (http://applecity.com/Midi/tastehny.mid) in MIDI format.

Serving suggestion: Open all files in a QuickTime program, turn sound off on upper left and upper right, set all three files to LOOP (Control- or Command-L, generally), crank up sound on bottom center and PLAY ALL as one event.

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