Consume Part I: Food 

Forty-One Reasons to Live in LA

Wednesday, Sep 23 1998

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Moishe’s Chicken Shawerma Sandwich. You will wait at Moishe’s, and no amount of arm flapping, mouth moving or money wagging will bring your eats any quicker. You’ll wait. The wait won’t really be long, it will only seem long — like the wait for anything you crave badly. And when your shawerma rises over the countertop and into your arms, wrapped like a little pudgy bundle of joy, it will be warm and good for you. When I got my chicken shawerma sandwich, I held it close to my heart and scurried away to eat and covet it. I loved my sandwich so much it nearly moved me to tears, and once I had stuffed every last tenderly marinated bite into my mouth, I breathed a blissful, bloated sigh of contentment. I looked to the table on my left to see if the other shawerma eaters shared my joy, and noticed that all four women there were Angie Dickinson. I pinched myself, but it was no dream. It was real and good and true. It was a holy vision. With a full belly and a lusty heart, I cried out, "I love this sandwich!" The Angies all agreed. Farmers Market, Stall 336, 6333 W. Third St.; (213) 936-4998. (Janet Ginsburg)

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