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Prices are Effective 

Wednesday, Aug 5 1998
8 a.m. Wednesday, July 29, through 11 p.m. Tuesday, August 4, 1998. Boneless skinless chicken breasts Randall Farms Moist & Tender 1.99 lb. limit 2. You can depend on us for all your floral needs! A "slice" of savings on your favorite pies. One bite of our California Brand Beef and you'll know why we say it's a cut above. Want to make full lips appear smaller? Take a lip pencil and line only the inside curves. Fill in with matching lipstick. For best results try Maybelline. This Newspaper Advertising Supplement [delivered with impunity by mail and no newspaper in sight] Is Recyclable. Please Help Protect Our Environment.

The Consumer Research Institute Inc.'s Stop the Junk Mail Kit ( is available for $12.95.

JunkBusters ( provides free forms to send to junk advertising proprietors.

Obvious Implementations Corporation's Do-It-Yourself: Stop Junk Mail, Email and Phone Calls ( is a free guide to reducing your intake of shit. "About 20 minutes' investment now will clear the junk for between two and five years."

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